Craig Benson

Director, U.S. Department of Defense Programs, U.S. Marine Corps & U.S. Navy

Craig is responsible for the U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Navy markets as well as adjunct maritime applications ensuring that Aeryon sUAS and solutions are readily available to solve current and emerging requirements.

Prior to joining the Aeryon Defense team, Craig was the Fires Branch Head at Marine Corps Combat Development Command, encompassing USMC aviation capabilities. In this role he had oversight of all UAS capabilities development. Additionally, he has extensive sUAS Business Development experience working at Aerovironment.

Craig is a retired Marine aviator with extensive combat experience in the F/A-18. He was a qualified Forward Air Controller and amassed more than 3,000 flight hours.

During his free time, Craig likes to spend time with his family and is heavily involved in returning Veterans affairs through the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association.


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