Reed Christiansen

Chief Engineer

As Chief Engineer, Reed is responsible for the technical direction of Aeryon Defense. This includes technical architecture, leading engineering development efforts, driving technical requirements for new business and customer projects, and leading root cause analysis on high priority engineering issues.

Reed has over 15 years of experience working on Group 1 UAS. Prior to joining Aeryon Defense, Reed was Chief Engineer and a founding member of Lockheed Martin Procerus Technologies. In this capacity he led the development of the Indago VTOL system as well as 3 generations of autopilots and avionics accessories. As an avionics engineer at Aerovironment, Reed was responsible for autopilot development on the Wasp fixed wing UAS. Throughout his career Reed has integrated avionics into over 50 different vehicles ranging in weight from 300 grams to 100 kilograms.

Reed is a robotics and aviation enthusiast. His education, career, and many of his hobbies revolve around electronics and flight. He holds a private pilot license and has owned several acrobatic experimental aircraft. He also flies radio control aircraft with a special interest in sail planes.

Reed has a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis on control systems.

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