Steve Pedrotty

Director, U.S. Department of Defense Programs, U.S. Air Force

Steve is responsible for serving our U.S. Air Force customers, ensuring Aeryon’s sUAS solutions are suitable and available to solve current and emerging requirements. He also serves our U.S. Forest Service customers, providing sUAS that meets the unique and demanding needs of Fire Protection missions.

Prior to joining the Aeryon Defense team, Steve was a career U.S. Air Force pilot serving operational tours in the EF-111, F-117A, and F-16. His final assignment was as the 12th Air Force Director of Operations (A3), overseeing operations at Air Combat Command units west of the Mississippi River. Additionally, Steve acquired extensive international and domestic UAS Business Development experience while working at Textron Systems in their control and surface systems business.

Steve has an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Colorado and Masters Degrees from the U.S. Army War college and Air University. He currently lives in Baltimore and enjoys spending time hiking and golfing.

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